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Holistic Weight Loss Treatments at Full Spectrum Healing Arts, NY

weight_loss_nyThe treatment is a healing of the addiction to sugar and refined carbohydrates. Our treatment is not a weight loss treatment as a first principle, although many people think of it that way because of the dramatic weight loss that often occurs. The main response people have after the treatment is a feeling of apathy or indifference towards sugar and gluten containing products. This feeling of indifference makes the lifestyle change of eliminating pastries, cookies, sweets and unhealthy snacks easy for most people. You simply don’t want them anymore. Once the problematic foods are removed, the body naturally begins to metabolize stored fat very quickly leading to dramatic weight loss for most people.

Once the craving for sugar and gluten/refined carbs is gone, you will be well on your way toward weight loss and improved health. The next steps will be: educating yourself about what’s healthy and what’s not, looking at labels to make sure you aren’t accidentally eating sugar or other problem ingredients, drinking enough water, reducing your stress levels (you’ll learn about cortisol/fight or flight connection), and getting plenty of exercise. The treatment is very similar to our other addiction treatments, but requires education about what to eat and what to avoid.

A healing is the gifting of high, unseen influences. They flush through your life leaving in their wake a state of recharge and rebalance. This brings you in touch with how you were designed to be. Weight loss happens as a by-product of you being closer to your natural state. It is about well being. An addicted state is not well being, and in this case the cutting of the puppet strings of addiction leaves you free to make choices that are better for the temple that your body truly is.

Results may vary from person to person.

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The treatment gives you a clean slate and the chance to write new, better patterns and habits into your life. The journey is then yours to make, with support as needed. The exciting journey of building the better life that is waiting for you!

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