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quit_with_quinn_sugar_addiciton_homeThe growing epidemic of obesity is of great concern in America and around the world. The health issues caused by obesity are extensive and life threatening. Sugar addiction and addiction to refined carbohydrates, (combined with a poor diet nutritionally) may be the most life threatening addiction facing America.

We offer a simple, natural treatment for overcoming sugar addiction.

Our sugar addiction treatment is a holistic, natural approach to a physical, bio-chemical imbalance. Its main result is indifference towards sugar and refined carbohydrates (including gluten). People often report that they no longer have a craving for candy and sweets, pastries, pizzas, doughnuts – all those things known to pack on the pounds. They start being able to taste the natural sugars in fruits and vegetables – natural sugars (fructose) they may have never even known existed while their taste buds were overwhelmed with artificial substitutes. The treatment causes an energetic rebalancing, clearing out the habit-energy patterns and emotions that often lead to overeating. It causes a feeling of a “clean slate” upon which you can write your new good, healthy eating habit. Once the problematic foods are removed, the body naturally begins to metabolize stored fat usually leading to dramatic weight loss.

This is a simple, healthy way to lose weight. Our treatment program for addiction to sugar and refined carbohydrates may be the solution to your weight problem. The healing treatment most often results in an absence of the craving for sweets. The rest is simple – remove sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet. Be careful not to re-introduce them. Remove artificial sweeteners and all artificial additives from your diet. Exercise regularly and sometimes vigorously to strengthen your muscles and clear out your lymphatics. Eat a reduced calorie diet. Eat a diet full of all natural foods (preferably organic) – primarily a wide range of vegetables. Restore the natural balances of your intestinal bacteria. Drink plenty of good quality water. This will start to reverse what is known as metabolic syndrome – a series of factors that add up to weight gain, a decrease in metabolism, and a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Above all, reduce the levels of stress in your life and live in a way that honors the life you were given. This may sound simplistic, but it is at the root of overcoming all addiction.

Why is it usually so hard to lose weight?

Poor eating habits become ingrained and taken up by your automatic systems. Eating sugar and refined carbs becomes a habit and sugar addiction can become an addictive habit that can be dominant and compulsive upon many people. It is also a matter of re-education about what actually is healthy and overcoming the habits that many around you also live by. We won’t go into the commercialism and billions of dollars being made from your poor health, but this is a major cause, giving rise to the images you see, the pharmaceutical machine, even to the training of your medical doctors – all stemming from a human race running way too fast, too stressed, and with no inner or mutual harmony of purpose.

The treatment is a healing of the addiction to sugars and refined carbohydrates. After the treatment, most people feel apathetic towards sugar and gluten containing products.

Results may vary from person to person.

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The treatment gives you a clean slate and the chance to write new, better patterns and habits into your life. The journey is then yours to make, with support as needed. The exciting journey of building the better life that is waiting for you!

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