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quit_smoking_nyQuit Smoking, New York! Our Stop Smoking Treatment Program has an 85% success rate, which is quite high in this field. People often describe feeling as if they had never smoked at all. Others describe a feeling of total repulsion to cigarettes. The sight, the smell, everything. The most common result is a feeling of indifference to cigarettes.

The way it works is simple and natural. It is a transference of bio-energy or healing energy into the energy field. This removes the blockages and energy patterns of the addiction. Once these are gone, there is the feeling of a clean slate and the ability to go forward smoke free.

In your preparations for your treatment, be sure to look around the site, particularly at the frequently asked questions.  There you’ll find a lot of useful information to help you be as prepared as possible to quit smoking and to ensure that you succeed permanently. If you have a question not addressed there, feel free to pick up the phone.

Quit Smoking Testimonials:

I don’t know what you did but it was magic! I’d been smoking for years and years and in one session, you took the urge away completely. I don’t understand what you did and I don’t even care – it worked and I thank you.
Marilyn H, Bronx, NY

Results may vary from person to person.

This treatment really helped me to become smoke-free. I left with a completely different feeling – almost as if I had never smoked before. Smoking just seemed foreign to me.
Josh, Brooklyn, NY

Results may vary from person to person.

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since I quit smoking?! I actually can’t even remember it anymore! Thank you so much.
Colette, Ridgefield, CT

Results may vary from person to person.

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The treatment gives you a clean slate and the chance to write new, better patterns and habits into your life. The journey is then yours to make, with support as needed. The exciting journey of building the better life that is waiting for you!

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